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A Message from the Author: Dianne McNair 
What Happened?!! Know How/Why? Yes? No? Sorta? Let's look, because seeing the how/why will set the path for your release from the impact of it. Was it their fault?  (they did you wrong). Your fault? (you didn't know/didn't recognize the signs). Or...was it a combination of both? Nope, wasn't right and wasn't fair. Should not have happened that way. Even so, it is what it is. So what do you do about it? Where do you start? I'll tell you this much. Reflection brings Revelation and clarity of mind. Once you are able to 'see' your issue clearly it will bring closure, free you, and give you room to rise from the emotional/mental upset. Now the rest of your Life Journey can begin. You've got some more living to do and things to accomplish!

Question: Is your life overloaded with unnecessary weight put upon you? Is there an expectation by others that YOU should absorb theirs and carry it for them? You need to decide what you will and will not absorb. Cut away excess baggage, toxic things, circumstances, surroundings and people causing the hindrances in your life (yep, even the ones YOU allowed). Turn the Page to see your potential and possibilities going forward. You were not created to lose. I learned this in my own Firestorm.

My Story
After a positive, successful, productive life of stability, loving foundation and always having a reason to smile, my life took a series of back-to-back hits.  When I finished spinning, my world was upside down and bottomed out.  I lost three loved ones in three weeks (Mom being the greatest loss), my home and income before I could absorb each loss. I chose not to 'go to counseling' as was strongly suggested by others (including my Pastor). I decided to sit at my computer in the wee hours of the morning when I couldn't sleep and write everything I felt. It was my version of unloading and outpouring.  I was angry. Hurt. Felt betrayed by everything I was taught to hope for and believe. My 'diary' was a Plaintiff's list of damages and the Defendent was God.  I decided it was God's fault because I felt betrayed by Him for the deaths we prayed against, as well as those whose actions contributed to my financial 'crash' and material losses. I was a fighter who had lost too much, and a believer who could not find His Promises in any of it.  I held onto my pain, anguish and sense of doom too long.
Bad decision.  It led to a personal foul against myself, 'sitting out' on Life.' My misguided perception of defeat and doom was becoming real. Since I couldn't talk about it I decided to write about it.  By releasing pent-up sorrows onto my computer screen, I thought this effort would be a healing tool for me to outpour my pain and emotional/psychological disconnect.
Surprisingly, what I tried to type did not appear on-screen. It morphed into a series of written messages of new reasoning, hope and empowerment that gave me a New Vision for my life. Puzzled at the messages, I saw that the words were not mine at all. They were to  me, coming from somewhere I couldn't put my finger on. The 'instead' messages spoke new vision, possibilities and potential.  While 'New Vision' was not my intent (I was filing Treason charges against God, remember?), I saw that these unintended messages could be helpful to others toward their healing, as it was for me. 

When all was said and done, I decided to share the revelations as a short-read, impact-filled book.  I named it "Echoes From Your Past: Vision For Your Future" for a reason. Translation - This is Not That. The Past is not your Future diagram. Our past (losses, failed attempts, betrayals, disappointments, mistakes, bad judgment) do not define us...they refine, teach and strengthen us in preparation for our next level. 

 Your Victory
You discover another level of YOU. You have to retake ownership of your life. When you do, you can stand as a beacon of light for someone else who thinks they are DOA after their Fall. Once you get proper perspective on the state you're in and how you got there, you'll be able to sign-off on it and move on singing pieces of that 1990's song 'Get on the Bus Gus, Make a New Plan, Stan. Drop off the Key Lee (to that past) - and Set Yourself Free."  Remember that song? It's how you say goodbye to  Old/Dead Issues and move to higher ground in your Life. 

The book and the messages are about you - the You that was lost in your storm. The You that retreated to a back wall believing defeat. Get ready to breathe fresh air, catch a new vision. That 'No' is NOT Final Answer! There's more road ahead. Got your name on it. You deserve it. You have a right to it. Hit the Reset Button, raise your sails again and relaunch.  My book is short, impactful,  dives deep and to-the-point.  It won't take all day to get what you need out of it.
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Dianne McNair                                         
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